Wednesday, July 30, 2008


IT Professionalism is a broad field of career; it has a lot of areas to exercise our knowledge’s in IT. I my self is a graduate of Computer Engineering and then I work in academe. I choose to focus and concentrate in teaching profession, on training humans to be an IT Professional someday. Teaching IT subject is not an easy job. It takes a lot of knowledge’s and information’s enable to share and to educate students. Knowledge on theory and equipped with hands-on ability, it is an experience. I could consider my self as an IT Professional because IT instructors are still belonging to the cycle of IT world.

As an IT Professional we should never stop in searching for knowledge, but instead we kept upgrading our knowledge, because we are now in the fast growing word of technologies. Software’s and hardware’s are our shields and weapon in fast moving world of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Assessment in module 7

ai yes tapos na ako yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! ang sarap ng feeling..........napapadance naman akong 2. grabe

Module 6

grabe hirap na hirap na ako, parang d ko na kaya. may kasabihan pg kaya nilakayako rin.
aja aja hehehehe


Four Module

four na ako hehehehehe

Five Module

hay nako, grade na talaga to. malapit na ako d mkapasa.

Module 2

hirappa rin hehehehehe

Module 1

and hirap tlaga ng assessment. pano kaya ung ibang module?

Friday, July 11, 2008

hay!!!!!!!!!!!!! nako
nagawa ko rin.
saya-saya yahoooo

its time to create my blog

d pala ganon kadali mggawa ng bog, mahirap as innnnnnnnnn.. grade
lahat kame naheherapan sa pag gawa ng bogs, twag nga namin is blogadags hehehehehehe
Ang nasa isip ko TAMA kaya 2ng ginagawa ko? hay d ko talaga alam...... bahala na c sir john........

its time to create my personal blogs

kala ko madali lng, d pala, and hirap lalo na walang ngtuturo kng wat gawin mo. but if u have a determination na mgawa mo ang isang bagay.